Sunday, 10 July 2011

New design

10 seconds on Google
60 seconds on MSPaint

Background: 20 seconds in Template Editor
Title: 1 minute and 30 seconds for header in Photoshop.

I also made Silent Hill 2 OST - Dog Ending Theme to play in the background. The best thing about it is you can only stop it with ad-block.

Let's straighten things up a bit

Now, after reading a whole thread about ABC on ponychan.
I'm going to straighten things what you said.
I'm going to take down the whole community?
Nope. I'm afraid that's impossible.
Why do this?
Do you give an shit if bronies follow you, attempting to raid?
Nope. Not one little crumb of it. It's helping. (h4t3rs maek me famous)

And then on the other hand.
It's time to pimp my blog.
Not really. Shit at designing websites.

Good news and the bad news

Good News
No longer talking to myself
- Hijacking Ellis poops out 10,000 white knights.
- Had an great laugh last night. Thanks to /b/

Bad News
- None
Pic related, what just happen last night.

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Well... Fuck the last plan.

The sites not vulenrable. Which is pretty suprising. Bronies are stupid.
Now we need a new plan.
Do anything to spread the name around. And it will start now!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Why do I hate them so much

Well. Since you're here and reading my blog, I'm going to state the things why I want the bronies so much.
     Back in February... :sigh: when I was a brony. I noticed a lot of people cared of having avatars of the so called dyke named Rainbow Dash and who was the best and cooler. Or who was the biggest fan by doing shitty YTPMV's or AMV's. I can really sense the fucking cancer of it. And I really do feel like a walking cancer. I bet people get tired of bronys bragging about ponies all the fucking time. Like, "Fluttershoy is bust pony ever. Way u  mad though?" Spurting all the memes they know into one sentence.
 Not only that, its so obvious that you are a faggot for watching MLP. If you saw some neck beard walking down the street wearing some barbie shirt listening to the theme tune of barbie. First thing that comes in your mind "Ha ha, look at that faggot" Well I can tell you now. Thats what everyone thinks what bronys are like. In-fact  They don't think. THAT is what bronies are like.
Let me check the things that MLP and barbie has in common.
All the main characters are girls: CHECK
Colorful animation: CHECK
A few males as a side character: CHECK
Friendship: CHECK
Your debate is invalid. MLP is not a manly show. If you're 12+ and you're watching MLP, then you are most likely a faggot. Please shoot your self.

First big step

Okay. This is gonna be huge. Our first target will be... :drumroll: Equestria Daily. Yep. You heard it. One of the most biggest MLP related site out there. But it gets our job done quick.
        I know what you're thinking. You're thinking we are gonna just go DDoS them. No. That is stupid. The site goes down for 1 hour whoop he dooo. Big deal.
We're going to deface them. So I can get this message spread around quickly. It will be on there homepage. If you're an brony and you're reading this. Equestria Daily is most likely defaced then. Nobody knows this blog. Maybe the people who smash there face on there keyboard in the url bar and see what comes up.
Apologize for my English... I am Spanish.

Let me introduce myself to the internet

Let me introduce myself?
I am Vodderz. Former member of the dead group named CBCR or 'Center for Boxxy Control and Restriction' Don't be asking me to get boxxy's account back, that stuff is in Eyrevs and Anon77s hands. I wasn't trusted enough to have it. I also lost contact with everyone.
But anyway. Let's start with the most simple question. 
Who are we?
The name of this thing kind of sums it up really.
Trying to get rid of Brony's? Why?
Fact number one. They're the most stupid morons on the internet. Fact Number Two. There is no meme without drama. Fact number three. Admit it. We all love drama.