Saturday, 25 June 2011

First big step

Okay. This is gonna be huge. Our first target will be... :drumroll: Equestria Daily. Yep. You heard it. One of the most biggest MLP related site out there. But it gets our job done quick.
        I know what you're thinking. You're thinking we are gonna just go DDoS them. No. That is stupid. The site goes down for 1 hour whoop he dooo. Big deal.
We're going to deface them. So I can get this message spread around quickly. It will be on there homepage. If you're an brony and you're reading this. Equestria Daily is most likely defaced then. Nobody knows this blog. Maybe the people who smash there face on there keyboard in the url bar and see what comes up.
Apologize for my English... I am Spanish.


  1. Ay guey! Yo soy de Mexico!

    Seremos Mejores Amigos!~

  2. What's the point of all this? "Lulz"?

    Why are people who like a cartoon, idiots?
    Where's the logic there?

  3. LOL - This little faggot. Hey there B! How ya doin? Still yapping at the heals of real hackers? To those who would like to know this dorks dox are not hard to find. He's also over on deviant art with pathetic attempts to hack accounts there, he managed to get lucky once but didn't cover his tracks well enough. I see a party van in his future! LOL - too funny...but hurt little faggot, go cling to your mommy's skirts a while longer.

  4. Spanish... please... Don't make a full of your self - Ann Arbor, Michigan And i do know you. And beleive me if anuthing happens again i'm tolarate and love the shit outa you, then probably destroy you! have a nice day!

  5. So I'm guessing you never succeeded?(and never will)

  6. Hey dumbass, you think you and your boyfriends are actually going to make a difference against a whole fanbase? You must have the mind of a 6th grader if you think anyone who watches a certain show is gay. You must have been the asshole of your group, that' why they left your nazi ass. Oh yeah, and the bastard who keeps saying "VIVA LA TODD KAUFFMAN" you think you badass huh? And you do know it's against the law to send death threats like you did, saying "Let's round up and kill all the bronies". I bet anything you were molested by a family member. You see it's not the herd that needs to kill's retarded, inbred, moronic, cock-sucking basement dwellers like you.

  7. Ay, puto! Soy de Mexico! Sere tu mejor amigo pero odias a los ponies. Entonses cayate pendejo, nunca vas a destroyir my little pony, porque ay mas bronies que anti-bronies, chico.
    anyway, in english, for all you bastards..

  8. Wow, I know I'm a bit late reading this post, but you're hilarious! You think some hackers are gonna read this lame-ass blog, and be all, "ANTI-BRONIES UNITE! DAAH!" and hack our website? Well anti-bronies aren't united. That's the thing. The internet contains trolls and assholes, but all bronies are friendly, nice, and not gay with each other. Just because you aren't a retarded blundering asshole doesn't make you gay.

  9. Web servers are designed to block DDoS-es, especially the kind you describe here

    Your view: Herp derp ima send a bunch of pings and connect a bunch, herp derp ima man

    The server's view: A DDoS attempt? How cute. P.S., I reported this for attempted DDoS

  10. Every brony that walks this earth. Every man, who covets the evil of the pony. Every man, Who keeps a picture of fluttershy as their background. Every man, Who applies rainbow decals to their car. Who floods the boards of 4chan. Who defiles our memes. Who brings ruin and corruption to the face of our world. Our mission is to hunt you. To crush you. To ruin you. We shall tear at the integrity of your legions, and revel in the dying agony of your evil. We shall bring disillusion to your corrupt acclaim, and laugh in the face of your idle threats. Your evil does not trepidate us. Your evil does not repel us. We shall destroy and obliterate until you are nothing but a neon stain on the face of the internet. And when the last brony is cornered, and cannot call for the assistance of its corrupt armies, When they are trapped, and are unable to brandish the blade of evil, we shall remember. Remember all the delusion you have wrought. Remember the corrupted memes. Remember the defilation of everything you have ever touched, and we will have no mercy.

    Fact!:bronies are furfags

    being a brony means you're gay

    All bronys have Assburger's Syndrome and ADHD

    the truth about bronies: They will never be socially accepted, they will always be unemployed, they will always live with their parents, and most of all, the closest thing they will get to a woman is a Rainbow Dash doll. - The sad thing about these comments is that they are all true.

    It's hard to say what exactly the brony menace is. Are they a bunch of furfags or hipster fags? Both. My Little Pony is a show about neon girly animals, this gives the furfag community a boner. Now as for why hipsters love this show it's clearly obvious. Hipsters hate what adults like, however, adults do not fully understand this brony thing and they don't understand why grown males would watch a show for little girls. Thus making My Little Pony perfect hipster bait for every possible hipster reason. Despite obviously being a bunch of closet furfags, bronies claim they are not furries and will go to great lengths to prove their point. Ironically, even though bronies claim to love and tolerate all the faces of the Internet, they constantly denounce and cast-out furries from any of their boards/discussions. []

    To any one who dont know what MPL is:

    My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a big gay pink clusterfuck of a television show directed at little girls with the attention span of a dog with an arse full of crack. The show is also surrounded by various plastic crap in the shape of grinning flowery ponies, hand carved by the finest diseased Chinese orphans HASBRO can enslave. It was your average bullshit children's show until it gained an unnaturally large following of fat greasy basement dwellers all desperate to gain some semblance of their childhood by desperately obsessing over a children's show about magical faggot ponies. Self-labeled as the dreaded Brony, these mongoloid fucktards have created billions of unfunny image macros and a few half-arsed forced memes, vomiting it over every inch of the interbutts whilst they masturbate furiously to a small plastic figurine of Pinkie Pie.

    1. so untrue. I am straight, employed at an insurance office, and have attracted the attention of numerous women (I'm only 15). I have been accepted by both of my brony and non-brony friends, and I do not do things like masturbate. You have an awful biased opinion, and the funny thing is that you are in no place to state your opinion because you have not had any experience with the show. If you were trying to sue the brony community for being fags or whatever reason, you would lose because you have no evidence for your claim. You are not going to wipe out bronies. You can hate as much as you want. you are failing at this, and you always will. Your ideals are biased, unnecessary and incessant. And do you want to know why so many bronies use the phrase "Haters gotta hate"?

      Because none of them give a f*ck. In fact, from what I know, most bronies think the hatespam is funny. You aren't getting anywhere. Just give up.

    2. thank you Kaden, and also, going along with Kaden, 2 things, work on your spelling, and though some of us do have Aspergers syndrome, take me for example, not all of us do. and the fact that you pretty much just said that Aspergers syndrome is synonymous with being gay, im gonna say you're part of the Westbourogh Baptist church.