Saturday, 9 July 2011


Well... Fuck the last plan.

The sites not vulenrable. Which is pretty suprising. Bronies are stupid.
Now we need a new plan.
Do anything to spread the name around. And it will start now!


  1. Watch me care. See? I'm caring. Care-a-palooza here. Couldn't care any more I I tri---oh, nope, there's a little bit more caring! I care so much about this, I really do.

    I care so much about this blog, that contains one person being angry that other people like something that they don't like. Freedom to like what you choose is such a bad thing, isn't it?

    Ok, sarcasm over. Hope your day gets better.

  2. youre so saddlehurt it just makes me want to hug you. Feeding the trolls is a bad thing, man. you should take your time to do appreciate stuff instead, and get that stick out of your flank. Take care ^^

  3. Aww such a cute little blog you have here! Your parents must be so proud knowing you're all grown up! I'm following this for the lulz

    1. Look at you, you look at a show meant for little girls and you rage at everything that we say against your show.

  4. What's all this stuff about? Don't like something - just avoid it. Simple.

  5. You're a complete and total idiot.

    You can't kill a fandom just because you, individually don't like it. You can try but it wont work.

  6. Here's a Pon-tip: Instead of being consumed by your fiery hated of Ponies, try doing something you enjoy. You'll probably feel better, and perhaps learn something new.

  7. Dawww I love this guy so much! If I ever saw you in real life I would give you the best hug you'd ever had!

  8. While I doubt anyone will read this....


    So someone dosn't like us. Big deal. This is the internet, nobody likes everyone else 100%. Cool yer jets, and get back to the stable.

  9. If the world was to read this, it would truly be a better place. There is something here for everypony, young and small! Even though it dosen't cover everything you need to know as a human being, it is the damned closest thing to it. The brilliant writting, so expressive and poignant, while at the same time with such a degree of simplicity and accessibility it just... blows my mind. His brilliant writing covers such mind-provoking sentences such as "Fuck the last plan" and, my personal favourite, "your debate is invalid". To a simple mind these would appear as poorly spelt out thoughts of a mad man. I ask of you, look deeper "fuck the last plan" is a symbolism of all the sacrifice that we as a species have to give up for one and another, we have to "fuck the last plan" because it wasn't in the best of everypony's interest. We have to continually evolve our plans and arrangements if everypony wishes to succeed in the end. Which brings us to the second one, which if you haven't discovered, is a brilliant play on the negative atmosphere around the internet as a whole. "Your debate is invalid".... just roll those words in your mouth for a bit, just say it out loud, Brilliant, isn't it? It shows how if we were all just a bit more open minded then the "your debate is invalid" guy, there would be so much more brilliant discussion, about all kinds of things like environmentally friendly foods, and how to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is expelled into the atmosphere every year. This is just one of the things that really hit it home for me, it just how wide every meticulously crafted sentence goes. You can apply such meaning to every word ( even if the original author hadn't intended for it ) that it is just.... wow.

  10. Keep on blogging, good sir. Your posts are a testament to the incredible things that human beings are capable of

  11. Why don't we take this blog |

    And put it |

    Somewhere else?

    Like Twilight's Library.

  12. LOL - This little faggot. Hey there B! How ya doin? Still yapping at the heals of real hackers? To those who would like to know this dorks dox are not hard to find. He's also over on deviant art with pathetic attempts to hack accounts there, he managed to get lucky once but didn't cover his tracks well enough. I see a party van in his future! LOL - too funny...but hurt little faggot, go cling to your mommy's skirts a while longer.

  13. Put this in the last post, but I want people to see it so posting it here also. All things become cancer when they get blow up, and taken to the extreme levels of fandom. As a brony I dont go crazy I have some pins on my bag, and talk about the show with my brony friends, and listen to the music. Does that make me a faggot i dont think so cause their are far worse things to be then a brony in this world so im okay with it. Also just breath and relax its just a show a bunch of people outside of the target demographic have latched onto nothing to get upset about. I still dont understand adventure time, but a lot of people love that and good for them so i say just enjoy the show. in the end we all have different thinks we like and hate wont change, but just no some of us are reasonable people who just happen to like a cute show about ponies have a good day sir.

  14. Hey Tom, Aihwa here. First, nobody gives a fuck anymore about the CBCR. This is not 2008.

    Second, if you're going to piss in somebody's cheerios, don't fucking link it back to yourself in real life. You're damn lucky us bronies love and tolerate the shit out of everybody, because guess what? It took me all of five minutes to piece together who you are.

  15. >The sites not vulenrable. Which is pretty suprising

    So, you think your the first one to try this...?
    I guess that's all I have to say.

  16. People take too seriously this thing.

  17. vulenrable? you dont know shit about hacking them every site is vulenrable including yours...

  18. Dude, Brownies rock. Do me a favor and lock your fat ass in a dark room, get a gun, put it to your mouth, and find some way to make it a slow, painful death cuz you deserve it, you faggot hater. Why don't you just let us be and go back to fucking Jell-O cups?

    1. Hey look this is how you show your fake motto. At least we dont masturbate to juvenile horses.

  19. Retarded-ism in the AIR everyone!
    The thing about Bronies(like these people below, under this comment) is simply stupid.
    We Hate, and they respond, with love?
    You see what the show had done to you people!
    Are your brains not functioning correctly?
    Are you simply not...Human?
    I didnt use the word "man" because you bronies messed up the word.
    If one say, this show is so cute? Should we all watch it and say it's cute?
    Think about it! Like I did.
    It's embarrassing to see you bronies acting like girl. More like a pony.
    Thats not, normal.
    You are all better than this.
    Wake up! Your not benefiting no one nor yourself.
    Bronies need to get there act together.
    I was once a brony, but that change when they took it TOO far. The fandom is complete...SHIT!!
    My opened mind, simply closed.
    Wake up, and be better than MLP.
    Telling others about MLP is bs.
    It's embarrassing to mankind.
    Just be something than this.
    Something better.
    That's all I'm asking.
    Don't waste your lives on this show.
    In the Internet, your cool...but outside your house, it's a different world.
    Why not change...

  20. Every brony that walks this earth. Every man, who covets the evil of the pony. Every man, Who keeps a picture of fluttershy as their background. Every man, Who applies rainbow decals to their car. Who floods the boards of 4chan. Who defiles our memes. Who brings ruin and corruption to the face of our world. Our mission is to hunt you. To crush you. To ruin you. We shall tear at the integrity of your legions, and revel in the dying agony of your evil. We shall bring disillusion to your corrupt acclaim, and laugh in the face of your idle threats. Your evil does not trepidate us. Your evil does not repel us. We shall destroy and obliterate until you are nothing but a neon stain on the face of the internet. And when the last brony is cornered, and cannot call for the assistance of its corrupt armies, When they are trapped, and are unable to brandish the blade of evil, we shall remember. Remember all the delusion you have wrought. Remember the corrupted memes. Remember the defilation of everything you have ever touched, and we will have no mercy.

    Fact!:bronies are furfags

    being a brony means you're gay

    All bronys have Assburger's Syndrome and ADHD

    the truth about bronies: They will never be socially accepted, they will always be unemployed, they will always live with their parents, and most of all, the closest thing they will get to a woman is a Rainbow Dash doll. - The sad thing about these comments is that they are all true.

    It's hard to say what exactly the brony menace is. Are they a bunch of furfags or hipster fags? Both. My Little Pony is a show about neon girly animals, this gives the furfag community a boner. Now as for why hipsters love this show it's clearly obvious. Hipsters hate what adults like, however, adults do not fully understand this brony thing and they don't understand why grown males would watch a show for little girls. Thus making My Little Pony perfect hipster bait for every possible hipster reason. Despite obviously being a bunch of closet furfags, bronies claim they are not furries and will go to great lengths to prove their point. Ironically, even though bronies claim to love and tolerate all the faces of the Internet, they constantly denounce and cast-out furries from any of their boards/discussions. []

    To any one who dont know what MPL is:

    My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a big gay pink clusterfuck of a television show directed at little girls with the attention span of a dog with an arse full of crack. The show is also surrounded by various plastic crap in the shape of grinning flowery ponies, hand carved by the finest diseased Chinese orphans HASBRO can enslave. It was your average bullshit children's show until it gained an unnaturally large following of fat greasy basement dwellers all desperate to gain some semblance of their childhood by desperately obsessing over a children's show about magical faggot ponies. Self-labeled as the dreaded Brony, these mongoloid fucktards have created billions of unfunny image macros and a few half-arsed forced memes, vomiting it over every inch of the interbutts whilst they masturbate furiously to a small plastic figurine of Pinkie Pie.

  21. You're no hacker,you're a cracker.A hacker doesn't destroy things they build them up crackers destroy things.And how can all you trolls be so dense saying all bronies are gay thats like saying all girls with short hair are lesbians.seriously?It's a show people enjoy.You have to learn to live with change!Also not all bronies clop,all you people seem to think we all do.And suprise!Some of us have jobs.good jobs and are married.were still people,just like non mlp lovers also don't have jobs.Theres probably someone on here commenting calling us stupid when they don't have a job aswell so yeah there ya go chew on it